Tuesday, 28 February 2017

India Pakistan Conflict, Disputes - A History

Consistent feature of relationship
"Here is a history of India-Pakistan conflict
Since August 1947 when Partition led to the creation of these two independent countries, disputes, in particular with regard to the claim over Kashmir, have been a consistent feature of the relationship between India and Pakistan.
Following the Uri attack on September 18 and the unsuccessful diplomatic conversations between India and Pakistan, the Defence Ministry on Thursday confirmed to have carried out surgical strikes along the LoC. Reportedly, the military activity has led to significant casualties being caused to terrorists who had established themselves at launchpads along the LoC with an aim to infiltrate and cause terror strikes in Jammu and Kashmir. .."
The first instance of an armed conflict between the two countries was immediately after Independence and Partition in October 1947. The fear of Kashmir acceding to India was what had triggered the struggle. The Pakistani Army infiltrated Kashmir through tribal forces in an attempt to occupy Kashmir. This was followed by the Maharaja of Kashmir, Hari Singh signing the agreement of accession to the dominion of India resulting in a full fledged war between India and Pakistan and the solidification of the Line of Control. Even though the war did not have a conclusive victor, India managed to claim two-thirds of Kashmir, while Pakistan got about a third of the territory. .."

Find this at http://indianexpress.com/article/research/here-is-a-history-of-india-pakistan-conflict .

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