Saturday, 4 March 2017

Brief Takes: Right Of Ways - Comment on an external article

India's Right Of Ways - the area encapsulated between one boundary wall and the next across the road
A comment was posted on an external blog article. The comment itself is provided and so is the article link. Briefs: ".. It is the job of the municipal bodies and the police to make sure that the Right Of Way is maintained or 'sustained' as the Right Of Way only. Unfortunately, these two setups are themselves corrupt, callous, laid back, and in fact hands in glove. .. Indians are hugely disorganised, very immoral, quite shameless, are educated idiots, or idiots anyway, and so on. .. the answer is to have marshalls appointed by the public themselves which can pull up these authorities and the police at every level, 'at every level'. .."
Follow this link: - this takes you to the article.

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